• Original Magic YoYo V6 LOCUS SPACE, Beginner Yo-yo, perfect first Yo-yos present for Kids, Younger, Adults Beginner start to trick yo yo play

  • Matte Finishing. RESPONSIVE yoyos,come back automatically. Easy to use and start to tricks

  • PREMIUM QUALITY 6061 Aluminium with standard slim responsive bearing,Stable and Balanced HIGH speed routines

  • Present PACKAGE: Yoyo with yoyo's glove, travel bag, 5 strings into a Decent Box, great gift for your boys / girls / adults or friends are passionate in yo-yo game

  • For 7 years or up. Nice way to keep the kids off the Internet and off from the sofa in front of the television

  • Magic YoYo V6 LOCUS SPACE is a Responsive yoyo, a pro yo-yos, Excellent yoyos ball for beginners.

    V6 --Specifications:
    1.Body Shape :Butterfly
    2.Body Material: Al 6061
    3.Weight: 66g
    4.Diameter: 55mm
    5.Width: 39mm
    6.Gap Width: 3.2mm
    7.Bearing: 8ball flat bearing (size 6.35*12.7*3.175mm)
    8.Axle: M4*8mm Stainless
    9.Surface: Sand blasting finish
    10.Style: String Trick (1A, 3A, 5A)
    1A( Single Hand String Trick): The player uses a long spinning yo-yo to perform tricks that typically require manipulation of the string.
    3A( Two Hands String Trick): The player uses two long spinning yo-yos and performs tricks with both simultaneously.
    5A( Counterweight): The player uses a yo-yo with a counterweight on the other end of the string rather than having it attached to a finger.
    11.Response pad: Yellow Silicon Pad
    12.Twist-apart : Twist-Apart

    Package include:
    1 x Magic YoYo V6
    5 x String(colors in random)
    1 x Glove
    1x yoyo travel pouch

    Yoyo for Beginners Kids Auto Return Learner V6 5 Strings Gloves Yo yos Bag - B06Y42RYXK

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    Yoyo for Beginners Kids Auto Return Learner V6 5 Strings Gloves Yo yos Bag - B06Y42RYXK

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